Faster transfers. Simplified workflows.

latakoo combines the necessary steps of video production into one easy-to-send process.

Solutions for Broadcasters

latakoo got its start helping news photographers send broadcast-ready video from the field back to their stations as quickly as possible while on deadline. They often followed a convoluted workflow that included editing video in the field to send a shorter file, then compressing the video with one vendor’s software, then using another vendor’s service to send the files. This workflow created a lot of steps in the field and even more back at the station. Each one burned time and slowed down the overall delivery of the files. Bad news if you’re on deadline.

latakoo allows broadcasters to quickly export their full resolution files and simultaneously compresses and uploads them to the cloud with our patented technology. In the cloud, intelligent notifications alert team members that the file is ready for download or to start the transcription process. latakoo HUB automates downloads and transcodes, preparing the files for broadcast.

latakoo replaces complexity with simplicity and automation.

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Post Production Solutions

Post production houses know that the more time spent on file transfer and workflow creation, the less time spent on creating beautiful, rich content.

That’s why latakoo is a perfect solution for post houses that need to transfer or transcode a large number of files, such as reality television, documentaries, entertainment and sports content.

Send files fast with our compression tool, edit with video proxies right away, and sync full resolution files at the end of the post production process. Or send uncompressed files directly to your asset manager with latakoo HUB.

latakoo has built-in collaboration features such as metatagging, comment tracking, and transcription with timecode.

Replace multiple workflows for one, end-to-end solution with latakoo.

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