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Are you on the most up-to-date latakoo Flight apps? Check below to see the latest version, new features and bug fixes for each app.

latakoo Flight for Desktop


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New features available in the latakoo Flight 6.7 series:

• Implemented transfer acceleration for faster uploads outside the US

• Updated encoder/decoder version for improved codec support

• Added support for Sony FX3 camera cards

• Removed legacy encoder and files from installation

Additions and Improvements available in latakoo Flight 6.7.1:

• Fix for Sony FX3 camera cards

latakoo Flight for iOS


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New features:

• Save Live Streaming (beta) video locally

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

• App crashing/frozen on Live Stream when moved from background to foreground state

• Groups of images not loading

• Stitched file was not playable and downloadable

• Holding the iPhone horizontal and taking a photo, the photo is sideways

• App holding unnecessary device storage

latakoo Flight for Android


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New features:

• Save Live streaming (beta) video locally

Bug fixes & Improvements:

• Enabled left side rotation for Live Streaming (Beta)