latakoo Flight

Fastest File Transfer. Simple User Interface.
Simultaneous Compression-Upload.

The latakoo Flight app is the fastest and easiest way to upload virtually any type of content: videos, photos and audio, regardless of bandwidth. With drag and drop functionality, the app uses latakoo’s patented technology to simultaneously compress and upload video files. The Flight app gives users a choice on how files are uploaded. Settings within the app allow users to decide how much to compress a video, or to send it without compression. The app also allows users to remove latency from the transfer. Drop entire folders of content into the app for uploading, choose to stitch many video files together, or group individual files together. The app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

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latakoo Pilot

Access Files From Anywhere. Collaborate and Share. Download and Transcode.

latakoo Pilot is a secure cloud content feed accessible from anywhere, on any browser. From Pilot, share, collaborate, download and transcode. Files uploaded to Pilot trigger intelligent notifications which can be customized to alert individuals or groups. Every file in Pilot can be transcribed either automatically or individually. Transcripts are matched with video timecode, integrating content creation with workflows. Worried about rights and privacy? Each user has customized access controls, driven by their role and organizational needs. Pilot connects to a user management system that allows administrators to set permissions quickly and easily.

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latakoo HUB

Download and Upload Automation. Metadata and Transcription Ingest. Seamless with Major Asset Managers.

latakoo HUB introduces full automation to video workflow. Files move quickly from remote locations to internal asset managers or servers, following security controls set by corporate environments. All files, and even proxies, can be delivered in the desired codec and wrapper. File metadata and transcription are also updated, if available. latakoo HUB is fully integrated with Avid Interplay, Grass Valley Stratus, Dalet Galaxy and bitcentral. latakoo HUB  also supports custom network workflows that do not involve an asset manager.

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latakoo Connect

Connecting Newsrooms and Content Creators.

latakoo Connect bridges the gap between content creators and newsrooms, offering a streamlined, efficient solution for fast content delivery and management. With latakoo Connect, external content providers can deliver media to news teams looking for stories relevant to their communities. Newsrooms can swiftly acquire content from latakoo Connect and send it into their asset managers with a single click, ready for broadcast. 

Whether you’re a content creator looking to deliver your work directly to news outlets or a newsroom seeking a seamless content acquisition process, latakoo Connect simplifies the workflow, enabling you to focus on what you do best – creating and sharing impactful stories.

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Video Transcription

Transcriptions are important tools for producers and reporters, educators and archivists. They put words on a video timeline; creating captions, expanding the audience, and providing a searchable database of written content that matches exactly with the visual assets.

Once a video file is uploaded to latakoo, three quality levels of transcription can be ordered: mechanical (70% accuracy), premium (95%), or professional (99%).

This transcript becomes a searchable document within latakoo, pinpointing the exact location in the video where that phrase is used, or a document that can be downloaded in a number of formats. For users of latakoo HUB, this is part of the metadata integration with partners such as Avid, Dalet, Grass Valley and bitcentral.

latakoo combines features to make your video workflow simple and effective.

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