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latakoo Connect gets the word out to local news outlets and communities;   Getting a story pitch in front of busy journalists has never been tougher. So when a climate advocate and political leader in central Texas had an important
In the fast evolving landscape of journalism, technology continues to shape the way news is gathered, produced and delivered. Latakoo, an end-to-end video workflow solution used by broadcasters worldwide, is at the forefront of this transformation. Here, we present a
A First-Hand Account of Russia’s War on Ukraine from a latakoo Team Member ; Vova and his wife were both born and raised in Ukraine. Moving swiftly to the underground parking garage when the dreaded sirens go off outside their
In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we want to recognize the six incredible women on our latakoo team who make a difference each and every day. These women are true leaders – overcoming obstacles, challenging the
On a sunny day, I walked confidently into my first day at work for one of the bigger television stations in the US, feeling pretty good about my new reporting job. A photographer welcomed me and with a smirk and
You know the feeling when you go to the grocery store and they’ve rearranged the aisles? You’re immediately annoyed because now the quick trip isn’t going to be so quick anymore as you struggle to learn the new layout. Why
As ridiculous as it sounds, multiple people get a notification every time my cat, Raja, uses his smart litter robot and any time there is a sound in my hallway. I or someone else can act on those notifications with
How do you send video files back to your station? Do you stick to a regimented daily schedule and allow time to send files? Or, are you working remotely, at the mercy of your deadline and Internet bandwidth? As journalists,
From our office in downtown Austin, Texas, there is a clear and often meditative view of the popular Lady Bird Lake and Trail, where on most days, you find hundreds of people enjoying the water or the trail. As Covid-19
The news anchor you’ve been watching report from their living room or kitchen, may be there for a while, as the coronavirus infection continues to set new records. Most television news broadcasters have dramatically limited the number of people in
“I don’t know if you’re aware of what happened here,” said our client. “But we had to send our editors home – all of them – nearly 200.” It wasn’t a choice. The state’s governor  ordered all non-essential workers to