latakoo is more than video upload. It's an end-to-end video workflow solution.

Simple & Elegant

latakoo is the fastest, easiest, most secure way to get video from anywhere to anywhere, regardless of file size or Internet connection.

No complicated software installation, easy drag and drop file upload.

Smart Technology

latakoo’s Flight application uses machine learning to estimate the upload time to our secure cloud. The app automatically chooses the fastest way to send your file with two transfer technologies.

We combine compression with transfer for a faster upload. And, we hold a patent for that process. If you want to transfer a file in its original form, latakoo leverages the fastest transfer technology for the speediest upload.

Metadata Everywhere

Metadata can be added to the file on upload, in a customizable interface or in the cloud. Tag any file instantly with location, key words, description and team members.

Metadata can be ingested along with transcription into your on-site asset manager.

Secure Access

In the cloud, latakoo Pilot provides a way to organize, share and view your files.

Files are secured and shared through a series of permissions. The bottom line is that no one can access files without your approval.

latakoo never exerts ownership over your content.

Transcribe Seamlessly

There is no need to add a separate step for transcription. While your file is in the cloud, order a transcript, choose the desired quality level and turn-around time, even add translation and speaker names.

The embedded file is searchable as metadata, downloadable as a caption or text file with camera time code markers, and can be ingested into your on-site asset manager.

Automation 24/7

latakoo HUB is the assistant editor that never sleeps.

HUB automatically downloads files from the latakoo cloud, transcodes to your house format and checks the files into your asset manager. HUB can even deliver files with embedded captions ready for broadcast.

Connecting Platforms

Because latakoo integrates with multiple asset managers, it becomes a bridge between them. For organizations on a variety of systems, latakoo is an easy way to send and receive files securely.

latakoo is a Certified Platform Solution with Avid and is seamlessly integrated with Dalet, Stratus Grass Valley and bitcentral, with additional integrations in development.

We have compatibility with Dejero and LiveU as well.

Expand Efficiency

latakoo is a proven solution among the world’s largest broadcast companies and used world-wide to distribute files among bureaus and stations during major sporting events, natural disasters and daily news coverage.

Upload once, download to multiple locations automatically with workflows powered by latakoo technology.

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