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Leading Media Consultant, David Packham, discusses using latakoo at the BBC to transfer content fast from remote locations back to his production team for editing.

Head of Broadcast IT at Euronews Romania, Adrian Vintila, explains how his team uses latakoo to meet the demands of 24/7 news cycles.

Robert Ambrose of Caretta Research goes behind the news to dive into modern production trends and tech.

Live streaming of content in latakoo provides the quickest path to air for important stories.

Learn how the clipping editor in latakoo rockets essential video content to social or broadcast.

Learn how latakoo helps journalists send content from the field to cloud to play out quickly and easily.

See how latakoo Hub delivers content automatically from any location into leading media asset management platforms.

That’s a wrap on the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023 show.

Hear Media Consultant, David Packham, from OB Media discussing ‘Navigating the waves of change: insights from a broadcast pioneer’ with latakoo at IBC 2023.

Robert Ambrose of Caretta Research presents ‘Behind the news: a dive into modern production trends and tech’ on the latakoo booth at IBC 2023

latakoo unveils ground-breaking new features including live streaming, clipping and transcription at IBC 2023.

latakoo’s President & Co-Founder, Jade Kurian, was a panelist at IBC 2023 for a discussion about the state of mediatech.

latakoo’s CEO & Co-Founder, Paul Adrian, discusses latakoo’s hottest new features at IBC 2023.

latakoo unveils that live streaming, transcription and clipping is in store at IBC 2023.

Faster transfers, simplified workflows with latakoo.

Enable outside content producers to send story leads, information and video to your news teams with latakoo Connect.