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5+ uploaders

unlimited sharing

24-7 support

Easy-to-use system

Powerful tools to Send Media Fast in every environment

  • Patented simultaneous compression & upload 
  • Network of edge servers provide fast uploads & low latency
  • UDP accelerator speeds deliveries in high latency, wide bandwidth 

Flight app accepts many camera contents folders 

Patented stitching converts multiple clips into single video

Grouping uploads collections of files into one latakoo folder 

Accepts almost any kind of file – like images, PDFs and databases

Compresses 98% of known video formats

Upload video quality settings range from proxy to full quality

Download and transcode videos in many professional formats

Maintains up to 8 tracks of separate audio for video

Maintains the camera’s timecode in video

Transcribe any video on demand (extra cost)

Share video privately or publicly

Email video to anyone

Embeddable video

Searchable archive

Email and phone support

Get your own social video site

Flight App available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Automation between latakoo and Media Asset Managers 

  • Integrations: Avid Interplay, Grass Valley Stratus, Dalet Galaxy
  • Avid Platform Certified Solution

Hybrid deployment of public and private network connectivity

Follows your security protocol to transfer content through firewalls

Collaboration tools make internal and external sharing easy

Can provide large amounts of data conveyance and storage

Automated transcription directly connects to Asset Manager

Metadata collection directly feeds Asset Manager

Customizable to meet your workflow needs

Highly optimized hardware available

Rock solid cloud infrastructure through multiple tier one providers

24-7 phone support for critical service issues

*requires annual contract


100’s of uploaders

unlimited sharing

24-7 support

Includes everything in the team plans, plus…

Built for enterprise organizations of every size

Supports organizations with 1000’s of licensed users 

Hierarchical management system makes access permissions a snap

Can provide massive amounts of data conveyance and storage

Next business day on-site support for hardware

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